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White Eagle Golf

White Eagle Golf is a distributor of elegant and extraordinary golf shoes. The shoes with the character and charisma were made with love and passion. One-of-a-kind and a sensation in the World of golf. Very comfortable and unique which can be worn on and off the golf course. To complete your outfit, we offer a range of matching gloves. Our collection of golf clothes will be out soon as well. All the products will be available on our website www.whiteagle.ae and instagram account #whiteaglesport.


Duca del Cosma

Duca del Cosma was established in 2004 by Baldovino Mattiazzo and Antje Elle. Italian-born Baldovino is a  designer from Venice who graduated as one of the best students from the Sarteco fashion School in Florence. Antje was born in Germany and graduated from the renowned Munich School for Fashion Graphic Design. Baldovino and Antje, both passionate golf players, strongly believed that the golf world needed a breath of fresh air: a sophisticated and fashionable touch. An ideal brand name immediately came to mind: “Duca del Cosma”, Italian for Duke of Cosma. Cosma is a traditional Venetian name and has been in use in Baldovino’s family for many generations. Duca del Cosma, a new brand, was born.